Shadow Ridge South HOA

How and when did I become a member of our HOA?  When you purchased your home, you automatically became a voting member of the HOA at closing.

How do I stop late fees on my overdue balance? Contact the Property Manager and set up a payment plan

I noticed the sprinklers are malfunctioning and/or the landscaping is damaged, who do I call?  Call the HOA at 972-874-9541 and leave a message or email the Property Manager.

My fence needs repaired, who is responsible?  Aside from the brick wall along Spinks, any fence on a homeowner's property is their own responsibility.  Shared fences are the joint responsibility of the homeowners involved.

I'm planning to make changes to the exterior of my home, who do I contact? Please complete and email to the Property Manager a

Parking complaint? complete traffic complaint form for Flower Mound Police

Code Compliance complaint?  complete a report a code violation form for Flower Mound‚Äč